Matt Reynolds


Award winning photographer specializing in fine art photography. 

The first time I clicked the shutter in the evening and realized the power of digital cameras to see in the dark, I was hooked.  Using long exposure times the camera is able to take in more light than the human eye and the results can be astonishing.  What started as a nighttime hobby has now evolved to photos taken around the globe in all kinds of light but always centered around interesting light.

Created this website after the encouragement of friends and family to share my passion with others.  The support of my loving wife, Patti has made this site a reality and our daughter, Dahlia will always serve as my favorite photography subject.

Have been fortunate to have done quite a bit of traveling over the past few years. When traveling I am not the type to want to lounge at a resort pool for a week so love going out and exploring, seeing something inspiring and hopefully being able to bring images of it back with me. I think I have a new appreciation of the natural wonders of the world, more respect for the environment and different cultures now as a result of starting down this path with photography.

My goal is to capture a location in the best light possible.  This may involve many visits to the same location, extensive planning and often requires multiple exposures which I may blend using post processing methods.  I strive for an artistic but still realistic end result with each image.  I do edit my photos to try and convey the emotion of the moment I experienced at that location and time. I am presenting to you the world through my eyes.

Most photos are available for licensing for web or print usage.   I am a perfectionist and very selective when it comes to my images which I think is critical if you are considering purchasing a print from an online photographer.  Anyone can sell a printed photograph but few have spent hours reviewing every part of the image and have the printing knowledge to ensure a quality large format print is delivered every time. 

In addition to offering prints I have licensed images for various clients, please contact me with any questions regarding licensing or other opportunities.

Thank you for visiting my site and I really appreciate the support.

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