My photographic journey in search of the perfect light on Cape Cod and beyond.

This site is intended to be a gallery of my latest and best work.  Here you can learn more about me, browse my collection of fine art photography and even buy a gorgeous print to display in your home.

I hope you will enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed making them.

No Light

Night photography is a passion of mine. Always looking for new techniques and ways to improve in this growing field.  From the Milky Way, Star Trails, Light Painting, Steel Wool, Light Streaks, City Skylines and maybe I will get lucky enough to capture an Aurora Borealis sighting someday. 

Low Light

Mother Nature is at her best during the hours of Sunrise and Sunset.  These are said to be the Golden Hours for a photographer.  If nothing else the hobby of photography has given me a greater appreciation of nature and nothing is more peaceful than watching the sun rise over the horizon as a new day dawns.  Long exposures in these low light periods can produce dramatic results.


Have many fond memories of Lighthouses.  My Mom was an avid painter and our walls when I was growing up were always adorned with New England Lighthouse art.  These memories may be passing along to the next generation as my daughter is fascinated by Lighthouses.  I hope to visit and photograph Lighthouses from not only Cape Cod but all of New England.